AmSafeBridport is a prime distributor for DuPont providing the industry-tested range of DuPont Tyvek® Thermal Cover solutions, specifically designed to protect all types of temperature sensitive products, reduce freight volumes & aid quick handling. These covers answer the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP), ensuring controlled room temperature pharmaceuticals are maintained within specified temperature zones, as defined on the label or as supported by stability data. AmSafeBridport also has its own range of Thermal Blankets designed to provide enhanced performance giving essential peace of mind that temperature-sensitive cargo will reach destinations safely with total integrity assured.


Swiss family run (6th generation) manufacturer of temperature monitoring devices, with over 30 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Today the name Berlinger stands for openness, quality, fairness and innovative technology which benefits Berlinger's two main business areas; Reliable and easy to use temperature monitoring systems and internationally standardised doping control systems.

Berlinger has a wide range of products ranging from temperature indicators, data loggers to wireless devices with automatic upload of data. Berlinger's temperature monitors can capture data in a passive mode or real time. SmartView is Berlinger's cloud based data management system, combining site monitoring and shipment monitoring under 1 platform.


Lisaline is Dubai based company focused on Cold Chain Management solutions serving customers in Middle East region. Our mission is to bring innovations in cold chain management for our customers from pharmaceutical, diagnostics, hospitals, research and food sectors.

Lisaline - "Quality Cold Chain up to last mile … ensured."

To minimize the risk in cold chain management, one needs to develop the process using suitable technologies for monitoring & maintaining the cold chain. Lisaline product range is classified under cold chain monitoring solutions and cold chain maintaining solutions. All the products offered by Lisaline are supported by efficient service support by our experience technical and application specialist


Established in 2001, the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) is responsible for the development of industrial cities with integrated infrastructure and services; whereas MODON has established industrial cities in various regions of the Kingdom, it is currently overseeing 35 existing and underdevelopment cities which include: Riyadh (1st., 2nd. & 3rd.), Jeddah (1st., 2nd. 3rd. & 4th.), Dammam (1st., 2nd. & 3rd.), Makkah, Qassim (1st. & 2nd.), Al-Ahsa (1st. & 2nd.), Madina Al-Munawwara, Al-Kharj, Sudair, Al-Zulfi, Shaqraa, Durma, Ha’il, Tabuk, Ar'ar, Al-Jouf, Assir, Jazan, Najran, Al-Baha(1st. & 2nd.), Hafr Al-Batin and Rabigh in addition to MODON Oasis in Al-Ahsa. In addition, there are cities under planning and designing which include: Wa’ad Al-Shumaal and Al-Qassim Oasis.

MODON is also responsible for creating the ideal environment for growth and development of technology zones in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where MODON is currently overseeing two technology zones and is seeking to earmark further zones towards acquiring the latest technological investments.

Private industrial cities, with the highest global standards and specifications, are under direct MODON supervision. Currently MODON oversees six private industrial cities and is about to oversee more private industrial cities.

MODON also provides several economic advantages and attracting incentives for industrial, technical, service, residential and commercial projects; as competitive annual rent of developed industrial land in some cities prices is just one riyal per square meter. Industrial investors also find attractive financing opportunities offered by government financing funds and banks to lend to industrial projects, as well as other facilities to support exports by providing export guarantee and Customs exemption for imports of raw materials and machinery.

MODON has achieved extra clear and tangible leaps in terms of gated communities and building projects, Ready-built factories being one of those, which strengthened its plans and drew strategic objectives in the implementation of projects. MODON also witnessed one of the most successful indicators of projects, initiatives and programs.

There are more than 2,874 productive factories and 6,020 industrial, service and logistics contracts in the existing industrial cities on an area of more than 182 million square meters developed by MODON. Designs for housing complexes as well as projects and standard models of buildings for residential villas, hotel apartments, MODON schools, parks, commercial complexes, fire stations and workers housing have been completed in a number of industrial cities. MODON Oasis, a concept of specialized women-only industrial cities; have been achieved in each of Al-Ahsa, Jeddah and Yanbu industrial cities.

Many new contracts have been signed to support investors by building ‘Ready-built Factories’.

More land has been developed to construct warehouses, industrial incubators, complete service system and logistics facilities, as well as administrative buildings and halls, malls, roads and other utilities.

Currently the investments in the industrial cities exceed 500 billion riyals, whereas more than 480 thousand workers are employed.