Some of the Key speakers include:

  • Dr. Abdrahman Basbous
    Pharmacist and Inspection
    Jordan Food and Drug Authority

  • Claus Nickel
    Cargo Product
    Development Manager
    Emirates SkyCargo

  • Debashis Sinha
    Senior Demand Manager,
    Gulf and Near East Rx,
    Glaxo Smith Kline

  • Dr.Samer Ellahham
    Chief Quality Officer
    Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

  • Prof. Dr. Tawfik A. M. Khoja
    Director General Executive Board,
    Health Ministers’ Council
    for GCC States


According to research, the Global Pharma Industry today is roughly USD 1.1 trillion and projected to rise by 41% by 2020. Products that require refrigerated storage are worth USD 260 billion. It is estimated that by 2020, the pharma cold chain logistics will be worth USD 16.7 billion at a growth rate of 8% to 9% year on. The biggest drivers of cold-chain logistics over the next few years will be ... Read More

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The 4th Annual MENA Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Forum:

The MENA region continues to face its challenges as most temperature deviations occur during supply chain transportation. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on the airline industry for its speed and efficiency. Unfortunately, 57% of deviations happen at the airport premises. Temperature changes during transportation have been a serious threat to the integrity of the products. Shippers in the region are on a constant look out for service providers who can help them maintain the product integrity and efficacy during transportation.

To combat the region’s ongoing challenges, the 4th Annual MENA Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Forum will bring together key decision makers who are involved in the current cold chain practice to present on the region’s top priorities:

  • Current status and future roadmap of the pharma cold chain
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Innovative and accurate solutions supporting the shift from distributor to delivery
  • GDP Compliance
  • Responsibility of Airlines and Airports towards mitigating temperature deviations

Integrity in warehousing and distribution of pharma cold chain products

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